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Marattia Sw.

Large terrestrial ferns. Rhizome fleshy, erect, massive-globose, radially symmetric, vascular undles in a complex polycyclic dictyostele, bearing +/- deciduous flat scales. Fronds erect, stipes fleshy, terete, with an enlarged base (pulvinus), subtended by 2 large stipule-like growths that may remain on the rhizome after the fronds has fallen lamina glabresent, thick and fleshy, bipinnate or tripinnate, +/- truncate, the basal and apical pinnae (and pinnules) only slightly reduced, pinnae pulvinate basally, pinnules free and shortly pulvinate, short-stalked, costate, margins finely serrulate or toothed; veins simple, close and parallel, free to margin, terminating in a tooth, recurrent false veins absent. Sori mostly in a single intramarginal or sometimes medial row, in some contracted species apical on minute ultimate segments; sporangia large, thick-walled, fused in a double row into an oblong 16 - 24-locular, bivalved synangium, elongate along the veins, each locule dehiscing by a longitudinal slit towards the centre of the longitudinal dehiscing synangium; exindusiate, pluricellular uniseriate paraphyses usually present around the base of sporangia. Spores monolete, minutely pustular.