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Matonia R.Br.

Erect terrestrial ferns of moderate to large size. Rhizome long-creeping with spaced fronds, densely clothed with brown, multiseptate hairs, solenostelic, polyclclic with 2 concentric clyinders of vascular tissue and a solid or cylindrical central bundle. Fronds long-stipitate, the stipes stiff and erect, dark and polished, not articulate to the rhizome, grooved above, a single vascular strand, U-shaped in section with the adaxial arms sharply inflexed then involute, the lamina +/- flabellate, the branches close and pedate, leafy, the lateral branches shorter than the central ones, all branches narrowly elliptic, deeply pinnatifid, the lobes entire, oblique, costate, coriaceous, glabrous, the veins simple or branched, free, or infrequently anastomosing in sterile lobes, in fertile lobes converging on the sorusand anastomosing to form a narrow series of areloles around the marginal side of the receptacle, then free and terminating in the cartilaginous margin. Sporangia few, borne in discrete round sori at the union of numerous veins, solitory or in a single medial row either side at the base of the costules, completely covered by a peltate deciduous indusium, paraphyses lacking, pedicel very short, thick, annulus oblique, incomplete, often crooked, without a definite stomium. Spores trilete, tetrahedral, translucent, smooth or very finely verrucose.

Species in Papuasia

A single species in Papuasia...M. pectinata