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Small to large, erect to pendulous, terrestrial, epiphytic or scandent ferns, sometimes aquatic or in swamps. Rhizome short- to long-creeping, moderately to densely covered with peltate-based, clathrate (at least in part) scales, dictyostelic. Fronds long-stipate, the stipe terete or winged, articulate to the rhizome or to distinct phyllopodia, rarely not articulate, fibrovascular bundles several to many in an open ring, lamina simple to pinnatifid, margin entire, glabrous or with scattered peltate scales, membranous to chartaceous or thin-coriaceous, prominently costate, venation reticulate, generally with indistinct main lateral veins, the areoles irregular with simple or forked included free veinlets pointing in all directions, ending in swelling or hydathodes. Sori exindusiate, at the junctions of veins between areoles, small, scattered over the lamina, generally superficial, or large circular or oval in one or several rows either side of the costae, generally moderately or strongly immersed and prominent on the upper surface, sometimes with paraphyses with enlarged apices, annulus longitudinal, interrupted, of 14-16 thickened cells. Spores monolete, smooth or tuberculate.


bamleriana; glossophyllum; linguaeforme; musifolium; punctatum


alternifolium; cromwellii; powellii; scolopendria; tenuinerve