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Paragramma Bl.

Erect epiphytic fern of moderate size. Rhizome short-creeping with stipes close together in a mass of fibrous roots, bearing broad, ovate, peltate-based, toothed, clathrate scales, woody, dictyostelic, with strands of schlerenchyma in the medulla and cortex. Fronds erect, and spreading, the stipe winged almost to the base, articulate to short phyllopodia, with c. 5 fibro-vascular bundles arranged in a V-shape, the two adaxial bundles larger, the lamina simple, linear-lanceolate, entire, coriaceous, with scattered, peltate-clathrate scales, glabrescent, costate, veins immersed and obscure, oblique main lateral veins present but poorly developed, secondary veins reticulate, the areoles with included, free, simple or branched, variously directed veinlets, each ending in a hydathode visible on the adaxial surface of the lamina. Sporangia in oblong or linear oblong coenosori in a single row either side of the costa, the coenosori immersed at the union of several veins between each pair of main lateral veins, exindusiate, but protected by peltate, clathrate, toothed scales and various other paraphyses, annulus longitudinal, interrupted, of c.14 thickened cells, pedicel long, 3-seriate. Spores monolete, smooth, translucent.

Species in Papuasia

A monotypic genus...P. balteiformis