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Incl. Ceratopteridaceae

Erect ferns of shallow waters and swamps; rhizome short, fleshy, radial, with many vascular strands. Fronds with a long spongy stipe, with numerous longitudinal air canals and many vascular bundles in a single ring, the lamina glabrous, dimorphic, the sterile frond 2 - 3-pinnatifid with broad, thin spreading segments, the fertile fronds erect with narrower, linear, coarser segments; the venation regularly reticulate without free included veinlets. Sporangia solitary, scattered along the veins of the contracted fertile segments, protected by the reflexed edge of the lamina; annulus broad and irregular, or lacking; spores trilete.


A pantropical family of a single genus with 4 species. In areasof permanent or semipermanent water. Ceratopteris thalictroides is the sole species in Papuasia.


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A family of a single genus ... Ceratopteris (1)


This family is included with the Hemionitidaceae, Sinopteridaceae and Cryptogrammitaceae in an enlarged Adiantaceae in some treatments.

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