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Erect terrestrial ferns of small to moderate size. Rhizome an erect compact caudex bearing a close tuft of fronds, dictyostelic, the apex and bases of stipes protected by scales, the scales basally attached, narrow-lanceolate, thin, pale brown, the margin entire. Fronds crowded, long stipitate, the stipe glossy, deep purple-brown to almost black, slightly grooved above, with 2 ribbon-like, more or less parallel vascular strands. Lamina ovate or narrowly deltoid, 2-3 pinnate, the basal pinnae longest or only slightly reduced, the pinnules decurrent into a narrow wing, gradually shortened into the deeply lobed, long-acuminate apex, axes dark, grooved above, the grooves open to admit those of a higher order, green-margined by the decurrent pinnules, margin more or less entire to lobed or toothed, less so towards the acute apex, recurved to revolute, texture thin to leathery, upper surface glabrous, dull dark green, lower surface densely white- or yellowish-farinose; veins immersed, free, in pinnate groups in the larger lobes, once- or more-forked in the smaller lobes, the acroscopic branch terminating in a tooth just short of the margin, not thickened. Sporangia exindusiate, borne along all veins of the fertile fronds, seen as a black powder amongst the white or yellowish waxy covering, paraphyses lacking . Spores trilete, globose, dark with a perispore with irregular broad, dark reticulate ridges.

Species in Papuasia

A single species in PapuasiaP. calomelanos