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Plagiogyria (Kunze) Mett.

Erect terrestrial fern of moderate size, sometimes dwarfed. Rhizome short, compact, stout, erect, bearing a radial tuft of frongs, dictyostelic, neither scaly nor conspicuously hairy; the apex and young fronds covered by mucilage secreted by tangled hairs. Fronds stipitate, the stipe bases wide and flat with a deep abaxial ridge with a row of raised wart-like aerophores on each side, the remainder of the stipe with 2 rows of aerophores, the upper ones associated with vestigial pinnae, +/- angular, grooved above, with a single shallow -"V"- shaped vascular strand, the lamina ablong-lanceolate, pinnatifid or pinnate, the pinnae costate, adnate, sessile, or +/- stalked, the stalks and rachis +/- winged, the wings decurrent, aerophores often present at the base of each pinna, the pinnae herbaceous to coriaceous, glabrous, sometimes glaucous below, margins cartilaginous, entire or finely serrate, flat or recurved, the veins free, simple or once-forked, close and parallel, termination in a tooth or in the hyaline margin; fertile fronds on longer stipes, narrower, with much contracted pinnae +/- devoid of lamina. Sporangia covering almost the entire abaxial surface of the fertile pinnae, attached along the veins, exindusiate but +/- protected by the revolute margins, paraphyses usually present, annulus complete, oblique, of 18-22 thickened cells and a stomium of c.10 flattened cells. Spores trilete, tuberculate or almost smooth.

Species in Papuasia

1a. Margin serrate; abaxial surface usually glaucous... 2
Margin entire; abaxial surface not glaucous... 3
2a. Margins strongly serrate, +/- flat; pinnae to 12 x 1.5cm; plants of sheltered forests... P. glauca var. glauca
Margins weakly serrulate to almost entire, +/- recurved; pinnae to 3 x 1cm; plants of exposed grassland and rock crevices... P. glauca var. nana
3a. Margins of sterile pinnae revolute; plants growing in clumps in exposed grasslands... P. papuana
Margins of sterile pinnae flat; solitary plants growing in shaded forests... P. tuberculata