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Plesioneuron (Holtt.) Holtt.

Terrestrial ferns of moderate to large size. Rhizome an erect to ascending, rarely prostrate, short-creepoing caudex, radially symmetric, dictyostelic, with thick-based scales, the scales sometimes spoine-like and persistent. Fronds long-stipitate, the stipe with 2 vascular bundles at the base uniting upward into a single U-shaped vascular strand, lamina pinnate with pinnately deeply lobed pinnae, basal pinnae not reduced but narrowed towards their bases, swollen or elongate aerophores present at bases of pinnae, midribs of pinnae grooved above, but the grooves not confluent with rachis groove, abaxial surfaces of costae and costules with unicellular, acicular hairs, sometimes thick brown hairs, rarely short capitate hairs, reduced scales generally few, abaxial surface of lamina often verrucose (when dry), adaxial surface sometimes with short acicular hairs between the veins, the veins in a pinnate group in each pinna-lobe, free, simple, terminating in the margin, the basal veins of each group terminating either side of the sinus membrane, the membrane often decurrent as a hairy ridge almost to the costa, the basal basiscopit vein of each group arising from its costule or from the costa near the base of the costule. Sori round, +/- medial or inframedial on the veins,indusiate or not, indusium when present usually firm and dark; sporangia on a short, 2-seriate stalk sometimes with acicular hairs (never with red glands), body of sporangia often with small red or yellow glands or setae near the annulus, the annulus longitudinal, interrupted. Spores monolete, dark, spinulose or rarely winged.

Key modified ex Holttum 1981, F1. Males. ser. 2, 1:39 and 1977, Allertonia 1:186.