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Key ex Copeland 1949, Philip. J. Sci. 77:392.

Species in Papuasia

1a. Frond over half as broad as long P. keysserianum
Frond over twice as long as broad 2
2a. Pinnules and segments not strongly bullate 3
Pinnules and segments strongly bullate 14
3a. Lamina at least 30 cm long 4
Lamina usually under 25 cm long 12
4a. Freely tripinnate P. bamleriana
Only lowest pinnules or non pinnate 5
5a. Pinnules acute or aculeate 6
Pinnules rounded, hardly mucronate 11


Segments of pinnae mostly connected P. aculeatum
Pinnules mostly free 7
7a. Free pinnules less than 15 pairs 8

Free pinnules c. 20 pairs P. bolanicum
8a. Sori costal to medial 9
Sori submarginal P. brassii
9a. Some pinnae over 15 cm long P. aculeatum
Pinnae smaller 10
10a. Pinnules weakly mucronate P. aculeatum
Pinnules very mucronate P. brassii
11a. Pinnules crenate to entire P. muticum
Pinnules incised to subpinnate P. meyerdreesii
12a. Stipes conspicuously stout P. papuanum
Stipes slender 13
13a. Pinnules acute P. kinabaluense
Pinnules rounded P. alpinum
14a. Frond lanceolate P. cheilanthoides
Frond linear P. linearis

P. pseudomicrophylum, P. takakii