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Prosaptia Presl

Small to medium size, erect or pendulous epiphytes. Rhizome dictyostelic, erect to short-creeping with crowded fronds, scales basally attached, ciliate, opaque dark brown. Fronds stipitate, the stipes articulate to the rhizome, lamina elongate, +/- tapered at both ends, pinnatifid to pinnate with adnate contiguous pinnae, each pinnae with a distinct costa, thick and leathery, glabrescent, the rachis with numerous short, stiff, unicellular hairs; veins simple, rarely forked, pinnately arranged about the costule. Sori solitary and terminal on a few apical veins, and/or terminal on each segment, the receptacle +/- elongate, deeply immersed in pockets of the lamina opening on the margin, or submarginally and directed outwards, exindusiate, parphyses lacking, sporangia on a uniseriate stalk, naked, annulus vertical, interrupted of c.11 thickened cells. Spores trilete.

Species in Papuasia

1a. Sori marginal, approximately in the lamina plane 2
Sori almost marginal in oblique pits 6
2a. Sori plural or terminal on the segments 3
Sorus single on the acroscopic margin P. davalliacea
3a. Sori occupying lobes or teeth 4
Margin entire or crenate 5
4a. Hairs on stipe under 0.5 mm long P. contigua
Hairs on stipe and rachis 1-2 mm long P. archboldii
5a. Frond pinnatifid to within 1 mm of costa P. rosenstockii
Frond less deeply pinnatifid P. alata
6a. Frond 5-8 mm broad P. capillipes
Frond much wider 7
7a. Segments up to 2.5 mm broad P. leysii
Segments over 3 mm broad P. engleriana