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Floating herbs, often forming a dense mat over still waters, rhizome fine, horizontal, freely branching, hairy, rootless, protostelic. Leaves in whorls of 3, 2 leaf-like and floating, the other finely divided, submerged and rootlike, floating leaves papillose with hairs in groups of 4 above, smooth with solitary hairs below. Sporangia borne in sporocarps, the sporocarps on the branches of the root-like leaves, enclosed in a thin indusium, the sporocarps of 2 types, microsporocarp with many small microsporangia each with many microspores, megasporocarp with a few megasporangia, each containing a single megaspore; spores globose, trilete.


A monogeneric family of possibly 10 species, from most of the warmer parts of the world. Salvinia molesta is the sole introduced species in Papuasia.


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Genera in Australia and Papuasia

A family of a single genus ... Salvinia (1)


In some treatments the genus Azolla (Azollaceae) is included in this family.

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