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Scleroglossum v.A.v.R.

Small erect epiphytes. Rhizome dictyostelic, erect or ascending, short to moderately long-creeping with densely crowded fronds towards the apex and persistent appressed stipe bases and roots basally, scales minute, basally attached, entire, +/- opaque brown. Fronds substipitate, the stipes not articulate to the rhizome, erect, lamina simple, elongate, linear, entire, thick and leathery, glabrescent, or with sparse simple, binate or stellate hairs veins mostly forked, sometimes twice-forked in large fronds, free or anastomosing irregularly with no included veinlets. Sporangia in continous elongate coenosori immersed in deep intramarginal grooves in the apical part of the frond (but not reaching the apex), exindusiate, parphyses lacking, sporangia on a uniseriate stalk, naked, annulus vertical, interrupted of c.12 thickened cells. Spores trilete.

Key ex Copeland 1952, Philip. J. Sci. 81: 91.

Species in Papuasia

1a. Sorus marginal or nearly so 2
Sorus nearer to costa than margin Taenitis simplicivenia
2a. Fertile portion of frond not dilated S. debile
Fertile portion abruptly dilated S. juncifolium

Key ex Christensen 1929, Dansk Bot. Arkiv 6: 2.

Species in Papuasia

1a. Leaf edge outside the groove attenuate towards the margin 2
Leaf edge thick, angular or round S. sulcatum
2a. Small (20-30 x 1-2mm); most veins simple; leaf edge outside groove about as broad as parenchyma S. debile
Larger (50-100 x 3-4mm; leaf edge at most half as broad as costal parenchyma S. pusillum