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Selaginella Beauv.

Terrestrial, rarely epiphytic, small to medium size herbs. Stems prostrate or erect and rooted at the base, creeping and rooted at intervals by means of slender rhixophores that branch dichotomously on reaching the ground, monopodial with alternate branches or +/- dichotomously branched, mostly in one plane; protostelic, the stele terete or ribbon-like, or with 2 or more flattened steles that join at intervals; leaves small, numerous, simple with a single central vein, sessile, with an inconspicuous basal adaxial liqule, isomorpohic and spirally arranged or decussate, or dimorphic, the smaller leaves arranged in 2 flattened rows on the upper surface, the larger leaves in 2 lateral rows (platystichous). Sporophylss +/- isomorphic, contracted, aggregated into +/- compact strobili, spirally arranged in species with spiral leaves, otherwise +/- decussate; sporangia solitary, axillary on sporophylls, bivalvate, heterosporous, megasporangia containing 1-4 large megaspoes, microsporangia with numerous minute microspores, both types borne in the same or different strobili. Both mega- and microspores trilete, smooth to variously sculptured.