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Sphaerocionium Presl.

Small to medium size, pendulous epiphytes. Rhizome filiform, long-creeping with spaced fronds, bearing roots. Fronds stalked, the stipes sometimes winged, the rachis winged or terete, the lamina ovate, +/- flabellate or pinnately compound with single-veined ultimate segments, membranous, margins entire, with plane, branched, stellate or simple hairs on the axes, margins, involucres and sometimes on the lamina surface. Sporangia sessile, borne on a short columnar receptable, terminal on the segments and protected by an bivalved invoucre (indusium) celft almost to the base, the receptacle completely included; parphyses lacking, annulus complete, oblique. Spores trilete, globose.

Species in Papuasia

1a. Hair branches few, ascending S. obtusatum
Hair branches spreading, mostly 4 or more S. pilosissimum