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Teratophyllum Mett. ex Kuhn

Medium size, high-climbing epiphytes. Rhizome vertically long-creeping, stout, little-branched, bearing roots ventrally and fronds in 2, or 3 or more dorsal rows, dictyostelic with a large +/- channelled ventral strand producing root traces, and 2 or more dorsal wedge-shaped strands, large overlapping leaf gaps with leaf traces of several to many strands arranged in a ring; scales on young parts broad, flat, thin, concolorous, peltate, fugaceous, the margins fringed with hairs. Stipes long, +/- terete, with 2 continuous aerophores, the stipe and aerophores both gradually decurrent into the rhizome, swollen basally and subarticulate to a ridge on the rhizome, the vascular bundles in a simple open ring, the 2 adaxial bundles larger; upper fronds (acrophylls) pinnate or bipinnate, all pinnae and pinnules articulate to the rachis, pinnae +/- equal, lanceolate, entire or serrulate, chartaceous, pinnules in bipinnate species asymmetric, bearing minute bullate or fimbriate scales, especially when young, veins free, simple or forked, terminating within the margin in blunt marginal teeth, no main veins; juvenile and lower fronds (bathyphylls) pinnate to pinnate-(bi-) pinnatifid, the rachis winged and the pinnae articulate, the margins at least crenate; fertile pinnae contracted, sometimes strongly so. Sporangia acrostichoid, served by a secondary vascular system near the surface, completely covering lower surface of fertile pinnae,exindusiate, paraphyses like the scales on the sterile fronds or lacking, annulus longitudinal, interrupted, of c.20(18-26) thickened cells. Spores monolete, folded perispore.

Sect. Teratophyllum: Fronds in 2 rows on the dorsal surface of the rhizome; all upper fronds simply pinnate.

Sect. Polyseriatae (syn. Arthrobotrya): Mature fronds in 3 or more rows on the dorsal surface of the rhizome; upper bipinnate of simply pinnate or both.

Species in Papuasia

1a. Fronds always in two rows on the dorsal surface of the rhizomes; all acrophylls simply pinnate... T. aculeatum
Fronds on fully developed rhizome in amore than 2 rows; acrophylls bipinnate or pinnate (Arthrobotrya)... T. articulatum