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Thylacopteris Kunze

Moderate size epiphytic fern. Rhizome long-creeping, bearing ovate, entire, apically attenutae, basally peltate, clathrate sacles, dictyostelic, each vascular bundle surrounded by a sheath of sclerenchyma with additional strands of sclerenchyma in the cortex and medulla, or sclerenchyma almost lacking. Frond long-stipitate, the stipes articulate to phyllopodia, fibro-vascular bundles 3, +/- equal, the lamina deeply pinnatifid almost to the rachis, the lobes shallowly toothed, membranous, strongly costate with prominent veins, the veins free, usually once-forked, each branch ending in a hyathode, or veins mostly simple in sterile pinnae and with a short acroscopic branch in fertile pinnae. Sporangi in discrete round sori in a single row either side of the costa, terminal on the acroscopic branch of each vein, the receptacles immersed in the lamina and appearing as papillae on the upper surface of the lamina, or almost superficial, exindusiate, paraphyses absent, annulus longitudinal, interrupted, of 12 (-14) thickened cells. Spores monolete, smooth, translucent.

Species in Papuasia

A single species in Papuasia...T. diaphana