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Tmesipteris Bernh.

Small to moderate-sized epiphytes, uncommonly terrestrial. Rhizome creeping, dichotomously branched, protostelic, lacking roots, densely covered with fine rhizoids. Stems mostly pendulous, simple, or less often once-forked, photosynthetic, siphonostelic, basally with minute, scale-like leaves (sterile lateral appendages), lacking a midrib, for the most part with flattened, apiculate spiral or distichous, simple appendages, each with a single vein; the fertile appendages aggregated or scattered, bifid basally, the lobes generally more contracted than the sterile appendages, bearing a single synangium immediately below the bifurcation. Synangia +/- elongate, 2-lobed (composed of 2 fused sporangia), each lobe bivalvate; exindusiate, homosporous. Spores monolete.

Species in Papuasia

A single species in Papuasia...T. oblanceolata