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Microgonium Presl

Minute epiphytes or subepiphytes. Rhizome filamentous, long-creeping with spaced fronds, hairy, lacking roots. Fronds short-stipitate, the lamina simple or lobed, peltate or basally attached, glabrous or abaxially hairy along the veins, or at the base only, venation +/- pinnate to flabellate or pedate, false veins present between the true veins, margins entire with or without a submarginal vein, texture membranous. Sporangia sessile, borne on an elongate columnar receptacle, terminal on the segments, immersed in marginal obconic or tubular involucre (indusium), the lip entire, dilated, the receptacle exserted when mature; paraphyses lacking, annulus complete, oblique. Spores trilete.

Species in Papuasia

1a. Fronds peltate M. tahitense
Fronds not peltate 2
2a. Submarginal vein present 3
Submarginal veins absent 5
3a. Fronds slender, over 2 cm tall M. mindorense
Fronds broader and shorter 4
4a. Stipe c. as long as the frond M. cuspidatum
Stipe short or absent M. bimarginatum
5a. Fertile fronds cordate at the base M. motleyi
Fertile fronds narrow or broad at the base, not cordate 6
6a. Sori immersed, usually plural M. sublimbatum
Sori free M. motleyi