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Vaginularia Fee

Minute, +/- pendulous epiphytes. Rhizome fine, creeping with close fronds, much-branched, fleshy, with many hairy roots, sometimes mat-forming, protostelic, densley covered by minute, basally attached, attenuate, clathrate scales. Fronds +/- sessile, not articulate to the rhizome, the costa with a single vascular strand, the lamina simple, entire, very fine narrow-linear, straight or curved, herbaceous, costate with several lateral veins running parallell to the costa that may unite with it distally; epidermis with scattered elongate, thick-walled cells (spicular idioblasts). Sporangia in a single sorus or in several sori elongate along the lateral veins in a groove opening towards the costa, protected by 2 equal or unequal narrow industial flaps of tissue the same textrue as the lamina, one produced on the costa, the other on or beyond the soriferous veins, sporangia on 3-seriate, apically widened stalks; paraphyses filiform, annulus longitudinal, interrupted, of 14 -16 thickened cells. Spores trilete, globose, smooth, hyaline.

Species in Papuasia

1a. Sori interrupted, the frond slightly dilated at several fertile portions along its length... V. trichoidea
Sori continuousor only rarely broken... 2
2a. Fronds generally less than 3 cm long, slightly curved; sori less than 1 cm long... V. subfalcata
Fronds longer, +/- straight; sori mostly longer... 3
3a. Fronds 4-6 cm long, c.0.5 mm wide; sori restricted to the apical 1-2 cm... V. acrocarpa
Fronds up to c. 10 cm long; sori occupying a greater portion of the frond... V. paradoxa

V. emarginata; V. angustissima...