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Vittaria Sm.

Small to moderate size tufted, +/- pendulous epiphytes. Rhizome short-creeping or compact, fleshly, surrounded by a dense mass of water-retaining hairy roots, solenostelic ordictyostelic, densely covered by basally attached, entire or toothed, attenuate, clathrate scales. Fronds stipitate or subsessile, the stipe not articulate to the rhizome, fleshy or sclerotic, +/- winged, with 2 vascular strands, the lamina simple, entire, widening gradually from the base, linear-lanceolate to linear, leathery or coriaceous, costate, the veins often obscure, simple, rarely forked, very oblique and parallel, anastomosing apically to form an intramarginal vein an a single series of elongate areoles without feee included veinlets; epidermis with scattered elongate, thick-walled cells (spicular idioblasts). Sori elongate along the submarginal vein, mostly immersed in deep grooves, the grooves apparently marginal or distinctly intramarginal, with or without raised edges, sori rarely almost superficial, sporangia on 3-seriate, apically widened stalks; exinsusiate, numerous branched paraphyses with darkened obconic or obovoid terminal cells; annulus longitudinal, interrupted, of 14-18 thickened cells. Spores monolete, rarely trilete, smooth, hyaline.

Species in Papuasia

1a. Sori immersed, +/- marginal, the upper (outer) lip of the furrows not much broader than the lower (inner) one, not rolled over the sorus when young... 2
Sori rarely superficial, mostly immersed, submarginal or intermarginal, lips of the fullows +/- wanting, or the outer one much broader than the inner and rolled over the soruswhen young, or the sorus protected by the recurved margin of the frond... 5
2a. Frond sessile or subsessile, under 1 cm broad in most specimens... 3
Frond distinctly stalked, more than 1 cm broad in most specimens... V. zosterifolia
3a. Fronds generally 1.5-3 mm board... V. angustifolia
Fronds mostly 3-10 mm broad... 4
4a. Fronds erect... V. ensiformis
Fronds pendulous... V. elongata
5a. Fronds mostly 4-10 mm broad... V. lineata
Fronds mostly 1-3 cm broad... V. scolopendrina