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Download Excel Spreadsheet

The method of downloading the spreadsheet varies according to the web browser you are using (Netscape, Internet Explorer, Mozilla etc), the version of your browser, and the operating system of your computer (Windows or Macintosh or Linux).

In some Netscape versions < shift-click > will ask you where you want to save the Excel file on your computer.

In Internet Explorer on a Windows PC < right-mouse-button-click > gives the option < save target as > but you may have to change the file name from < harden-species-list.html > to < harden-species-list.xls > when you save it.

We suggest you first try to download the compressed Zip file, follow the instructions that appear on the screen.

Zip compressed file: harden-species-list.zip


The size of this file is 847K

Updated July 19, 2001 by Murray Fagg (anbg-info@anbg.gov.au)