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Location Section, or bench or glasshouse code
Herb Code Code showing who issued Prop ID; ANBG, CBG, CANB
Prop ID Unique accession no. for this Herb Code
Family Five-character abbreviation
Rank (s)ubspecies, (v)arietas, (f)orma, (c)ultivar
Infrasp Name
Opar Herb Code Herb Code of original parent
Opar PropID Prop ID of original parent
Herbarium Records Record of item in the Herbarium (± voucher)
taxon name Herbarium Name
Cult/Wild Propagated from (c)ultivated, (w)ild origin material
District (Prop) Region from which Prop Material came
Region (Herb) Region from which herbarium voucher came
Num in Grp Number in planting group; use !0 for at least 1 living

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