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Gardening for the disabled

A bibliography of books on the gardening and landscaping for people with disabilities or the aged, prepared by the staff at the Australian National Botanic Gardens Library and Archive.

Cloet, A. & Underhill, C. (1990) Gardening is for everyone : a week-by-week guide for people with handicaps. Rev. edn. Souvenir Press, London. 197 pp.

Deans, E. (1991) Leaves of life : creating therapy gardens for people with disabilities. Angus & Robertson, North Ryde, NSW. 66 pp.

Rosehope, C. (1996) The forever garden : creating an easy-care garden. Hyland House, South Melbourne. 157 pp.

Schuman, H. (1998) Gardening within arms reach : gardening and experiencing nature for the visually handicapped : how to set up a garden with this in mind. Bartimeus, Zeist, The Netherlands. 104 pp.

Simson, S.P. & Straus, M.C. (eds.)(1998) Horticulture as therapy : principles and practice. Food Products Press, New York. 477 pp.

Smith, E. (1985) Gardening for all. (Australian National Botanic Gardens occasional publication no. 7) AGPS, Canberra. 38 pp.

Taylor, J. (1990) Planning your garden for retirement. Lothian, Melbourne. 64 pp.

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