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Number of fieldbook records for L.G.Adams (as at Feb. 2014): 4,251

Number of databased collections in CANB (as at Feb. 2014): c. 3,723
     - 3,067 L.G. Adams-only accessions and
     - a further 656 accessions with L.G. Adams as primary collector or as one of a group of collectors.

Distribution of herbarium specimens (see Index Herbariorum for the meaning of the herbarium codes used here):
     - Australia: AD, BRI, CANB, DNA, HO, MEL, NT, NSW, PERTH.
     - Overseas: A, B, BISH, BM, CHR, COLO, E, FH, G, HBG, JE, K, L, NY, P, S, TNS, UC, US, Z.

Taxonomic interests:
     - Taxa: Caryophyllaceae; Gentianaceae; Cyperaceae; Philydraceae; Violaceae.
     - Floristic interests: NSW: South Coast & Southern Tablelands generally; ACT: Namadgi National Park; Canberra's Nature Reserves.
     - Accessory interests: Botanical Latin & Greek; botanical nomenclature; 'Flora of Australia' treatments, minerals and geology, bookcraft and repairs.

     - see separate web page

Plant names published by Laurie Adams
     - see separate web page

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