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Census of Plants of the Australian Capital Territory (ACT)

Version 4.0  (13 September 2017)

(ARCHIVE: see latest version for current information)

Slime Moulds - alphabetical by family





ARCYRIACEAE Arcyria cinerea H.Lepp 1918
ARCYRIACEAE Arcyria incarnata H.Lepp 1015
ARCYRIACEAE Arcyria obvelata R.Hnatiuk 750010
CERATIOMYXACEAE Ceratiomyxa fruticulosa R.Hnatiuk 750008
CRIBRARIACEAE Cribraria cancellata R.Hnatiuk 750013
CRIBRARIACEAE Cribraria macrocarpa H.Lepp 2916
CRIBRARIACEAE Cribraria vulgaris R.Hnatiuk 750014
DIDYMIACEAE Diderma effusum H.Lepp 651
DIDYMIACEAE Didymium nigripes H.Lepp 652
DIDYMIACEAE Didymium squamulosum H.Lepp 994
PHYSARACEAE Badhamia affinis H.Lepp 2668
PHYSARACEAE Badhamia foliicola H.Lepp 1012
PHYSARACEAE Craterium minutum H.Lepp 4165
PHYSARACEAE Fuligo septica H.Hadobas 1
PHYSARACEAE Leocarpus fragilis H. Lepp 334
PHYSARACEAE Physarum cinereum H.Lepp 613
PHYSARACEAE Physarum melleum H.Lepp 2516
RETICULARIACEAE Lycogala epidendrum H.Lepp 1011
RETICULARIACEAE Reticularia lycoperdon H.Lepp 1587
RETICULARIACEAE Tubulifera arachnoidea P.Rowe s.n. [CBG 9909046]
STEMONITIDACEAE Comatricha alta H.Lepp 956
STEMONITIDACEAE Diachea leucopodia G.Butler 190
STEMONITIDACEAE Lamproderma scintillans H.Lepp 612
STEMONITIDACEAE Stemonitis axifera R.Hnatiuk 750011
STEMONITIDACEAE Stemonitis fusca R.Hnatiuk 750001
STEMONITIDACEAE Stemonitis splendens H.Lepp 641
STEMONITIDACEAE Stemonitopsis typhina H.Lepp 1016
TRICHIACEAE Trichia varia H.Lepp 335


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