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CURATION: Herbarium collections management

Search the Australian National Herbarium (CANB) Curation Table to see storage of specimens and states of curation. Data may be queried by matching text patterns on a number of fields and data reports are available in a number of different formats. Most fields are case sensitive and the wildcard is the percentage sign (%). You will need a valid user name and password to use this database gateway. Extra help on the use of the Curation Table is available.

Please exercise care in the structure of queries and the use of wildcards to avoid excessively large reports.

Output format

(Check to select;
Default = all)

Query by value
(% = wildcard, e.g. Rut% lepto%; ! = not, e.g. !ACT;
most fields are case sensitive)
Taxon Group CA, CC, CF, CH, CL, CM, CP, CX, PG, PD, PM
Taxon Order Use wildcard '%'
Family Number ANH family number
Family Taxon family name, use wildcard '%'
Subfamily or Tribe Option subfamily or tribe name
Genus Genus name, use wildcard '%'
Accepted Name Currently accepted name for storage purposes
Building e.g. CPBR, ANBG
Floor Building floor and side e.g. 2S
Unit Number ANH compactus storage unit number
Literature Flag Y or N, A, P
Literature Date Valid date format
Nomenclature Flag Y or N, A, P
Nomenclature Date Valid date format
Db Ibis Flag Y or N
Db Ibis Date Valid date format
Db Titan Flag Y or N
Db Titan Date Valid date format
Db Anhsir Flag Y or N, A, P
Db Anhsir Date Valid date format
Curation Flag Y or N, A, P, Z
Curation Date Valid date format
Rotap Flag Y or N
Rotap Date Valid date format
Curating Staff Initials
Mount Exchange Y or N
Backlog Mounted Y or N
Native Flag Y or N
Exotic Flag Y or N
In Aust Flag Y or N
Introduced Flag Y or N
Naturalized Flag Y or N
Taxon References Text, use wildcard '%'
Comments Text, use wildcard '%'
Record Source
Username valid user name

The reports from this query form are live extracts from the Australian National Herbarium Curation Table and represent the state of the database at the time the query was made.

Feedback on this service and database gateway is appreciated. Please contact the:

database managers - for matters of data structure and content
webmaster - for matters internet and html

© This internet gateway and data is subject to a number of ownership, copyright and intellectual property provisions. It is under constant revision as is provided 'as is' without any expressed or implied warrantees or assertions about data completeness, quality or fitness for any particular purpose.


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