Garry Jolley-Rogers

Biodiversity Informatician

B. Sc. Hons. Neuroscience. Australian National University
PhD Zoology. (in progress) University of Melbourne

Garry Jolley-Rogers

Phone: (+61) 2 62465501

Fax:  (+61) 2 6246 5249


Centre for Australian National Biodiversity Research
CSIRO Plant Industry
GPO Box 1600
Canberra ACT 2601


Taxonomic Processes: The analysis and documentation of the processes involved in Taxonomy.  In particular, we are identifying bottlenecks which slow the process of species description, identification and subsequent communication of distinguishing features.  Our goal is to enhance the practice of taxonomy through innovations driven by information technology or in processes which underpin the taxonomic workflow.

Comparative Crustacean Anatomy. Brains of two Australia living fossils have been compared with a number of more advanced crustacean species. Along they way, I have applied advanced image analysis techniques and developed and implemented algorithms for the automatic analysis of brain structures at a high level of detail.

Process analysis.   I have modelled the workflow of large scale systems.  I have been involved the implementation and assessment of Laboratory Information Systems.   In practice, I have worked as a software engineer throughout the development lifecycle on commercial databases, numerical algorithms, simulations and various other applications of information technology in science.

Human cognition: Sensory  and motor processes.


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Jolley-Rogers, G. T.  (1997) Simulation of the flow of cases through the Victorian criminal justice system for the Victorian Department of Justice. Submitted as appendix to Project Pathfinder.

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