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Gemmabryum pachythecum, a moss, by B. ChandlerThere's more to plants than flowers

A display in 15 panels prepared for the Visitor Centre of the Australian National Botanic Gardens.

Each panel is reproduced here as a single web page.

All photos on the web pages can be enlarged.

Display devised and written by Heino Lepp.

Panel 1
The Plant Underworld
Panel 2
More Than Mosses
Panel 3
So You Think We Are Plants?
Panel 4
Life Without Sex?
Panel 5
Life With Sex!
Panel 6
Water and Pollution
Panel 7
In the Wild...
Panel 8
...and in Town
Panel 9
Where in the World?
Panel 10
Sphagnum and Water
Panel 11
SOS - Save Our Soils!
Panel 12
Nitrogen Fixation
Panel 13
Antifreeze, Food and Shelter
Panel 14
Threats to Cryptogams
Panel 15
When is a Moss not a Moss?


Some useful references Lichens and Bryophytes.


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