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Oral History Project for the Gardens

In 1995 the Friends funded an Oral History Project for the Gardens. Matthew Higgins did the interviews, the tapes were lodged with the National Library of Australia in Canberra.

Members of the Friends transcribed the tapes and printed and bound several copies, given to the Gardens' Library and to the participants. The index to those interviews is on the web. The transcripts are available at the Gardens' Library.

In 2008 a second series of Oral Histories were undertaken, this time financed by the National Library of Australia. The interviews were done by Daniel Connell and those interviewed were:

  • Helen Hadobas
  • Leslie Lockwood
  • Peter Ollerenshaw
  • Mark Richardson
  • Jan Wilson

A CD of the interviews is lodged with the Gardens' Library.

No transcripts have been made for the second set of oral histories.

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