Management Plan




Preface on Legislative Context


Executive Summary


Chapter 1 Introductory Provisions

1.1 Short Title

1.2 Commencement and Termination

1.3 Interpretation

        1. Administrative and Legislative Context
        2. Purpose and Content of a Management Plan
        3. IUCN World Conservation Union Category
        4. Booderee Botanic Gardens

Chapter 2 Overview of the Australian National Botanic Gardens

2.1 Description of the Gardens, its Functions and Values

2.2 Significance of the Gardens

2.3 Visitors, Stakeholders and Partnerships

2.4 Summary of Previous Management Plan Achievements

2.5 Mission and Purposes


Chapter 3 Growing Australian Plants

3.1 Thematic Structure of the Gardens

3.2 Horticultural Management

3.3 Access to Genetic Resources

3.4 Monitoring and Curation of the Living Collections

3.5 Horticultural Focus

3.6 Horticultural Training

Chapter 4 Studying Australian Plants

4.1 Centre for Plant Biodiversity Research

4.2 Development, Management and Curation of the Herbarium Collection

4.3 Biogeographic and Evolutionary Research

4.4 Plant Systematics Research

4.5 Visiting Scientists, Volunteers and Intern Programs

4.6 Database management

4.7 Networking and the World Wide Web

Chapter 5 Promoting Australian Plants

5.1 Interpretation and Information Services

5.2 Education

5.3 The Gardens Library

5.4 Photograph Management

5.5 Recreation

5.6 Marketing the Gardens through Advertising and Promotion

5.7 Community Outreach

Chapter 6 Conserving Australian Plants

Chapter 7 Site Environmental Management

7.1 Environmental Context

7.2 Remnant Vegetation Management

7.3 Wildlife Management

7.4 Energy and Water Management

7.5 Waste Management

Chapter 8 Site Development

8.1 Landscape

8.2 Buildings and Visitor Facilities

8.3 Access and Carparking

8.4 Infrastructure and Asset Management

8.5 Risk Management Strategies

8.6 Adjacent Lands

Chapter 9 Administration and Management

9.1 Staffing

9.2 Funding and Financial Management

9.3 Occupational Health and Safety

9.4 Security and Law Enforcement

9.5 Visitor Services and Commercial Operations

9.6 Fundraising and Sponsorship

Chapter 10 Evaluation and Monitoring


Appendix 1.
Gazette Notice of 17 September 1991 - Declaration of Australian National Botanic Gardens as a Reserve under the National Parks and Wildlife Conservation Act 1975.

Appendix 2.
Management Principles Applicable to the Gardens under IUCN Category IV

Appendix 3.
Chronology of Significant Events in the History of the Australian National Botanic Gardens

Appendix 4.
Convention on Biological Diversity (1992) - Relevant Articles

Appendix 5.
Recent Visitor Surveys - Summary of Findings

Appendix 6.
Schedule of Charges Applicable at the Gardens from 1 July 2000

Appendix 7.
Agreement between the Australian National Botanic Gardens and CSIRO for Management of the Centre for Plant Biodiversity Research - Objectives

Appendix 8.
Australian National Botanic Gardens Development Planning Guide - Key Recommendations

Appendix 9.
Possible Siting Options for a New Nursery


List of Tables

Table 1 Australian National Herbarium Collection (Canberra) October 1999

List of Figures

Figure 1 Australian National Botanic Gardens site location

Figure 2 Building and landscape zones of the Gardens

Figure 3 Major taxonomic and systemic plantings of the ANBG



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