Australian National Botanic Gardens - ACT Grass Project


Project objectives

Practical, reliable, predictable and cost effective methods to allow land owners and managers in the upper Murrumbidgee catchment to revegetate with local provenance native grasses through:


Major Recommendations

Seven locally growing species of grass have been investigated. Excellent progress has been made towards the goals of maximising germination rate and increasing the speed of establishment by optimising storage temperature, selection of appropriate species for the local region, and pre-treatment of seed. The following recommendations can be made for practical revegetation with grasses in the region.


Summary of results and recommendations

Seed testing in vitro

Seed supply and quality

Storage temperature

Physical pre-treatment

Chemical pre-treatment

Field trials

Austrodanthonia caespitosa
Austrostipa scabra
Bothriochloa macra
Ehrharta stipoides
Joycea pallida
Poa labillardierei
Themeda triandra