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Publications Arising From the
Student's Volunteer Botanical Internship Program

  • Dampiera fusca (Goodeniaceae): An extension of range, conservation status assessment, and identification notes.

      By: Alston, S., Chandler, G., Lawley, H., Martin, D., Podreka, S., Richmond, S., Ryan, M. and Taws, N.

      Published in: Austral. Syst. Bot. Soc. Newsletter (1993) 74: 1-3.

  • New distributions of Leptospermum namadgiensis and Olearia rhizomatica on Yaouk Peak (Southern Tablelands, NSW).

      By: Bernard Pfeil with contributions from: M. Ballantine, S. Boulton, L. Buza, D. Cunningham, L. Halasz, M.Humphreys, I. Ermayanti, C. Keller, F. Knight, N. Lam, R. Last, N. Leist, J. Matarczyk, B. Mitchell, B. Mumbuila, S. Smith, G. Toohey, V. Torrisi, T. Wardill, R Wilkey.

      Published in: Cunninghamia (1997) Vol. 5(1) 281-284.

  • Muehlenbeckia tuggeranong (Polygonaceae), a new species form the Canberra district.
      By: *Makinson, R.O. & Mallinson, D.J. (1997)
      7(3):215-219 - interns acknowledged for field and laboratory work in preparation of this paper.

  • Ecology and conservation status of Muehlenbeckia tuggeranong (Polygonaceae) near Canberra.

      By: Mallinson, D. et al. (1998)
      5(3) :773-778. - direct authorship for the interns.

  • Greening the Grainbelt Report - Part of an NHT Grant to the Harden Murrumburrah Landcare Group

    Web version of Greening the Grainbelt report

  • New Australian and Australian state lichen and lichenicolous lichen reports.

    By D.Allen, H.T.*Lumbsch, S.Madden & H.*Sipman
    J. Hattori Bot. Lab. 90:269-291 (2001)

    * Not a participant in Student Botanical Internship Program

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